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Senior and clinical nutrition

More fibre: NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber, the easy and nutritious solution.  

Good nutrition plays an increasingly important role in how well one ages. With age, changes in the gastrointestinal tract occur, reducing the absorption of nutrients and slowing down intestinal motility.

The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies recommends that total fiber intake for adults older than 50 should be at least 30 grams per day for men and 21 grams for women.

Adding fiber to diets brings multiple benefits, and even more with NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber. It is the only sugar-free fibre ingredient with health benefits – making it easier for seniors to reach their nutritional goals.

The NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber solution is simple and nutritious.

Obtained from non-GM corn or wheat, NUTRIOSE®, with its excellent digestive tolerance (>45g/d), ensures digestive comfort.Due to its neutral taste, excellent solubility, non-viscous nature and process resistance, NUTRIOSE® can be easily incorporated to boost the fiber content of a range of foods: bread and biscuits, cereal bars, yoghurt, beverages, etc. Used alone as a table-top fibre. NUTRIOSE® is a convenient way to enrich our everyday foods with fibre.

NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber has been shown to display prebiotic effects through colonic fermentation, which has a positive effect on digestive health.

Want to discover more about NUTRIOSE® and its health, nutritional and functional benefits?

NUTRIOSE®:  the self-evidently natural key to good nutrition and healthier lifestyles.

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