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Sourcing sustainably | Commitment #3

Strengthen relationship with our raw material suppliers by building partnerships with breeders and farmers to select and use most suitable agricultural resources.
Roquette, member of the SAI Platform

In order to reinforce our sourcing commitment, we applied for membership at the SAI Platform (Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform), the primary global food & drink value chain initiative to promote sustainable agriculture.

We are proud to start working with SAI Platform members. 

“As Roquette has fixed an ambitious objective to reach 20% of its Raw Material supply certified or rated as sustainable by 2025, we are very interested to improve our knowledge about responsible sourcing through SAI Platform,” said Massimilano Benso, Head of Global Supply Chain. “Roquette looks forward to sharing experience with such a professional network and further develop its sustainable approach.”

Activity and sustainable development report 2018

  • Innovating sustainably

    Understand customers’ needs and anticipate consumers’ expectations

    Develop a sustainable development journey inspired by our customers’ expectations

    Strengthen sustainability in our innovation processes
  • Sourcing sustainably

    Source sustainably

    Improve continuously our raw materials’ quality

    Strengthen relationship with our raw materials suppliers
  • Biorefining sustainably

    Optimize our energy consumption

    Preserve water

    Further reduce other environmental impacts
  • Acting sustainably

    Put Health, Safety and Well-being at the heart of our concerns

    Empower employees

    Build on our diversity

    Develop our activities with the local communities
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