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Imagine tomorrow with Roquette biorefinery

Imagine tomorrow

Roquette’s development is based on a long history of company technology and expertise, as well as on the long-term partnerships the Group establishes with its customers.
Research & Development priorities are driven by the needs of the market, which are increasingly focusing on nutrition, health and selected industrial applications. 
Responding to the needs, Roquette is constantly developing ever more innovative and competitive food and nutritional solutions, bioactive ingredients and performance material systems. These solutions address key challenges related to health, changes in food consumption patterns and unmet needs of the pharmaceutical and other advanced industries.
All this reflects our permanently forward-looking approach - and the great solutions it engenders. 
A family-owned Group, Roquette is used to meeting customers’ high expectations, thanks both its long-established responsiveness and its long-term vision.
Roquette’s renowned Research & Development is key to Group strategy by deploying the state-of-the-art science and technology essential to creating the applications, ingredients and formulations that best support its customer’s ambitions.
A bulb in which a plant grows

Innovation key figures

  • 30 patents/year
  • 1 Global commercial network
  • + 300 R&D workforce

Roquette global Customer Technical Services

Expertise providing innovative solutions backed by customer support 

Roquette’s innovative ingredients and formulations for your products makes it your natural strategic partner.

Thanks to its global network of Customer Technical Services (CTS),  combined with its intensively customer-oriented approach   - and that means close cooperation with you at all times –  Roquette is also able  to continuously create the new products, processes and solutions your needs require, wherever you may be located.

All around the world,  the quality support supplied by those same Customer Technical Services  is characterized  by  outstanding expertise, know-how and equipment across a  comprehensive range of application segments that include Food, Specialized Nutrition, Pharma, Pet Food, Bio-industry, Personal and Oral Care, and Industry.

People and capabilities at your service

5 Applications Development Centers in France, USA, China, India and Japan led by CTS teams are working for you around the world:

  • Understanding all your market segments and ready to be your R&D partner with dedicated expertise and a wide range of technology suitable for labs and pilot scale trials.
  • Focusing closely on your needs and making sure you get the innovative solutions your markets demand.

Our combination of Marketing with R&D give us  a unique understanding of the technical and innovation challenges you face – and of course it’s backed both by our deep knowledge of  ingredients and by our creative grasp of your formulations and processes.

Respected for our sustainable innovation, our work is also well-known for our grasp of solution functionality based on sensory, physical and chemical analyses – including the stability evaluation adapted to your product.

CTS Teams

Our teams support your search for answers to your key challenges in process, nutrition, cost-in-use and stability.

Ready to share our knowledge, we therefore also offer customers ingredient training in our Roquette University sessions.

Given our expertise across a wide range of disciplines and locations, we can also be the partner you need to meet your specific market demand, including time-to-market.


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Pioneered by Roquette

For Roquette, innovation is a permanent state of mind enabling it to constantly deliver products and solutions ever better adapted to the needs of your consumers. 
  • 1951 Sorbitol research center development
  • 1960-1970 Enzymatic engineering, Modified starch
  • 1970-1980 Fermentation, Gluconic acid, Continuous chromatography, Mannitol
  • 1980-1990 Crystallized maltitol, Cyclodextrin
  • 1990-2000 Xylitol
  • 2000-2010 Soluble fibre, Isosorbide, Pea protein, Succinic acid, Microalgae
Some examples of our innovations
  • Close up of hands pouring a bright pink pharmaceutical syrup onto a spoon.

    Solubility and stability improvement

    Discover a full range range of solubilization and stability enhancers: native and hydroxypropyl cyclodextrins KLEPTOSE®, and octenyl succinate starches CLEARGUM® CO, for use in many dosage forms, from solid to liquid.
  • Close up of young girl with brown hair taking a white tablet, supervised by her parent.

    Fillers, Diluents and Binders

    Discover the variety of fillers, diluents and binders Roquette offers for the formulation of your solid dosage forms.
  • baking-biscuit-protein

    More vegetable protein

    Empowering plant proteins… Variety unlocks innovation. Protein choice is critical, Roquette processes two raw materials: peas and wheat. Their remarkable synergies promise unlimited innovation for baking producers.
  • sports muscle mass

    Sports nutrition

    PROTEIN NUTRITION: Access to powerful & clean plant proteins to develop and recover muscle mass, the easy way.
  • composites coatings painting woman man

    Composites & coatings

    Sustainable and high quality thermosetting resins are increasingly demanded by the markets.
  • board-packaging-chocolate


    Discover our solutions for strong, printable and sustainable high-quality packaging.