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As leader in polyol (sugar alcohol) production, technology and applications, Roquette is able to offer the broadest range, including sorbitol, maltitol, mannitol, xylitol and isosorbide. 

The histories of Roquette and polyols (e.g., sorbitol) are tightly entwined. During WWII, sorbitol was limited to only a few chemical and pharmaceutical applications and served as a substitute for glycerin for military use.

In the early 1950s, Roquette planned to produce NEOSORB® sorbitol on a large scale, and was resolved to find – thanks to  its research department – new applications, such as humectant in cosmetology and sugar substitution in non-cariogenic confectionery.

More polyols were subsequently added to the list: LYCASIN® and POLYSORB® maltitol syrup, PEARLITOL® mannitol, SweetPearl® maltitol, XYLISORB® xylitol and POLYSORB® isosorbide. Finally, Roquette set up polyol production units in France, the United States, South Korea and, more recently, China.

Today, Roquette is recognized as the global leader in polyols.

The Roquette range of polyols is promoted through the group’s Global Business Units, with a worldwide marketing network ensuring a consistent quality of product, services and technical assistance across the Americas, Asia, Europe and IMEA. 

The group’s main development lines for polyols take place within the Pharma and Food Business Units.

Polyols for Pharma

Thanks to Roquette’s superior quality standards, polyols are well known and appreciated as pharmaceutical excipients in oral dosage forms. The higher purity grades are also APIs approved by worldwide drug administrations, and widely used in injectable solutions.

Polyols for Industry

Polyols such as isosorbide can also play an important part in a range of industrial businesses, such as in connection with the forward-looking strategic commitment to replacing petro-chemistry products by sustainable biochemistry alternatives.

Polyols for Food and Nutrition

In addition to their widely established use in non-cariogenic confectionary and oral care, the numerous scientific publications on the nutritional benefits of polyols for the human body have enhanced the image of polyols in human nutrition, signifying health, well-being and good balance.
These nutritional properties are proven and a bright future lies ahead for them in the food of tomorrow. 

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