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A webinar to discover the latest innovations and market trends in bio-based monomers in the polyurethane market 

Exploring Sustainable Materials in Polyurethane

Roquette Performance Materials, in collaboration with OCCA UK, recently hosted a webinar that provided valuable insights into the latest advancements in sustainable materials and their applications in the polyurethane market.

In this webinar, Sven SIEGFRIED PHD, Technical Developer at Roquette, shared his expertise and provided valuable insights to the attendees.  

The webinar focused on two specific bio-based materials, BIOSUCCNIUM® and POLYSORB®, and their applications in polyurethanes. Attendees learned about the advantages of these materials and how they can be used to create more sustainable and environmentally friendly products. 

Watch the replay, to get valuable insights on Roquette Performance Material plant-based ingredients and learn how they can help create more sustainable and environmentally-friendly products.

Watch the webinar now!