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Watch the webinar to discover how build “Better For You” indulgences with NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber.

Today’s consumers seek small indulgences as a reward, pick-me-up or snack to get through the day.

As more Americans favor reduced-guilt foods to fuel their moods, manufacturers need to adapt quickly.

Thanks to this webinar, gain a better understanding of what drives purchasing of permissible indulgences and how consumer health goals can influence these choices.

Roquette experts share insights on how to build “Better For You” indulgences with NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber, so you can continue to successfully formulate without compromising the sensory profiles consumers know and expect from your products.



   Nicole Macdonald, Market Manager, Americas for Food GBU
Nicole MacDonald is a results-driven marketing communications leader with over 15 years’ experience with global B2B and B2C brands. She holds a BS in Marketing, an MA in Communications, and is currently the Americas Food Market Manager at Roquette.

   Heather Nelson, PhD, Nutrition Scientist
Heather holds a PhD in Nutrition Biochemistry and has 20 years of experience in the food, supplement, and health industries. She has worked with top CPG companies to develop innovative health/nutrition-based strategies to drive business growth.

Machado Sergio   Sergio Machado, Head of Customer Technical Services
Sergio Machado, MBA is a strategic technical leader with 30 years’ experience delivering results for the CPG and food ingredients industries. He leads the Customer Technical Services team at Roquette to deliver innovative customer-centric solutions.

Schnicker Silvia   Silvia Schnicker, Head of Marketing Americas, Food GBU
Silvia is a market leader with over 20 years’ experience in the food ingredients sector. She holds an MBA in Marketing Management and BS in Food Engineering. She currently leads the Americas Marketing team at Roquette with focus on solutions and strategies to address current and future market needs.