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Datasheet: Polyols for Plant Care

Technical datasheet

Polyols, like sorbitol and mannitol, are commonly used for their biostimulant and humectant properties in the plant care industry.

The role of polyols in plant care is well described in literature demonstrating increased productivity and tolerance to environmental stresses (drought, high-salinity, etc.).

Naturally occurring in many plant families, and found in many seaweed and algal extracts, polyols are a natural stress-related metabolite used as a chelating agent, cryoprotectant, and in transport of sugars. Polyols are naturally unreactive and highly compatible with other bioactive compounds.

Main advantages of our polyols in the plant care industry

  • Proven plant biostimulant: Provides improved growth response  and stress tolerance
  • Wide product range: Available in powder or liquid form, we offer a large range of product grades.
  • Consistency and quality.: Proprietary process used to produce a consistent, stable product.

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