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Plant nutrition and protection are at the heart of growers’ requirements, to ensure optimal growth of their crops and meet the global food demand. Fertilizer use is essential, with estimates suggesting that global food crops would be around half their current levels without the addition of synthetic nitrogen. It is crucial to ensure that plants have all the essential nutrients they need for their growth. That’s why plant fertilization and soil nutrition are key components.

Raising the challenge of sustainability with no compromise on yield

Moving towards more sustainability in agriculture, growers need to find alternative solutions to conventional fossil fuel-based fertilizers, to lower their environmental impact and respond to consumers’ consciousness of how their food is cultivated. Yet, growers still expect optimum plant growth and crop yield results. 

Roquette has developed a range of plant-based ingredients, specifically answering the need of growers for more environmentally friendly solutions for the nutrition of their crops.

This range of ingredients, refined for specific applications, conditions, and crops, helps growers substitute mineral and synthetic fertilizers for natural alternatives that offer: 

  • Balanced and optimized NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium).
  • A combination of organic acids, vitamins, and other trace minerals.
  • And many other functionalities.

Our range of plant nutrition ingredients are used in foliar and soil applications and act as organic fertilizers or biostimulants for fruits, vegetables, row crops, hydroponics, and in a wide range of other domains like gardening, for example.

Discover our dedicated range of solutions devoted to soil replenishment and plant nutrition.