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Analytical scientist working in a laboratory

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At Roquette, we have a global network of innovation centers where our experts collaborate with customers and partners to address current and future societal challenges for the food, nutrition and health markets. 

Our team of analytical scientists at our Asia Pacific Innovation Center in Singapore provides timely and critical information on drug development with a customer- and patient-oriented approach – thereby ensuring life-saving medicines meet pharma regulatory standards and patient safety.

At our Asia Pacific innovation center in Singapore, we have a suite of analytical testing capabilities that are crucial to drug product development.

In this video, our Pharma analytical scientists, Hailong ZHANG, Analytical R&D Manager and Kwan-Hang LAM, Analytical R&D Senior Scientist offer a glimpse of the work that they do that help ensure specific health needs of patients are met, pharma regulatory standards are adhered to and patient safety assured.