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POLYSORB® isosorbide

POLYSORB® isosorbide, bio-based ingredient derivated from sorbitol, as a monomer or through its derivatives, is particularly adapted to reactive coatings. It will enhance your coating properties.

Government regulations and industry initiatives are driving the creation of more sustainable coatings, reducing levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

POLYSORB® isosorbide and its derivatives are innovative solutions for the world of coatings, impacting sustainability and coating properties. It increases their sustainability because it is totally bio-based.

POLYSORB® isosorbide is safe and helps to enhance PU coating properties such as scratch and impact resistance and adhesion. In epoxy resins, its derivative shows a good UV resistance. 

POLYSORB® isosorbide is ideal for formulating non-toxic and BPA-free high-performing products!