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Infographic - Prebiotics and Fiber

Explore the infographic to discover how consumers perceive prebiotics, how prebiotics work, and how NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber acts as a prebiotic to enhance health benefits. 

Infographics on Prebiotics and Fiber

Our bodies are home to countless bacteria, which are called microbiota. Many of them play a vital role in maintaining our health. The beneficial bacteria are increasingly recognized as crucial for maintaining good health. Each person's microbiota is unique. Researchers are making rapid progress in uncovering their many benefits.

As people become more health-conscious, they are recognizing the significant impact of their diet on their well-being. Many are opting for healthier food options and prioritizing gut health.

Fiber has emerged as a crucial component for maintaining digestive balance and wellness, and consumers are increasingly aware of its importance.

NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber has a prebiotic effect that is supported by over five clinical studies and more than 20 years of scientific evidence. It promotes a healthy gut and provides numerous health benefits.

Download our infographic and explore the world of microbiota, prebiotics and the way to gut health thanks to fibers.

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