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Roquette Reveals New US-Based Pharmaceutical Innovation Center
The group accelerates its pharmaceutical business expansion in the Americas to consolidate its global leadership position and reinforce its commitment to customer-focused innovation.
Roquette Expands Plant-Based Softgel Offering With New Ready-to-Use LYCAGEL® PREMIX
Unlock nature’s potential with LYCAGEL® PREMIX – a new easy-to-use plant-based softgel blend for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications.
Roquette boosts customer support with new digital pharma marketplace
The e-commerce platform will provide users with access to Roquette’s trusted and reliable flagship pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical offering at smaller quantities for the first time.
Delpharm Evreux, in collaboration with Roquette, has developed a  new softgel capsule with plant-based shell.
This new vegetarian softgel capsule is based on Roquette’s LYCAGEL™ pea starch softgel technology.
Roquette’s Innovative Plant-Based Solution Unlocks Possibilities for Veggie Softgel Market
Market-first plant-based softgel system provides a strong alternative to gelatin for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturers and marketers of softgel products.