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Founded in 1986, the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) brings together pharmaceutical scientists from around the world to share research and exchange ideas in order to improve global health. PharmSci 360 is an important part of this work, drawing thousands of scientists to a very large and rich scientific conversation.  

Roquette was happy to contribute to the program with a scientific poster supported with a live presentation.

Roquette Pharma's expert presentend on directly compressible formulation

Controlled release dosage forms deliver an effective dose of the active pharmaceutical ingredient over a prolonged duration, which is particularly advantageous to maintain a constant plasma drug concentration within the therapeutic window. In this work, HPMC is co-processed with mannitol via fluid bed spray granulation to confer improved flowability and good tabletability. The developed excipient demonstrated excellent controlled release performance for drugs over a wide range of aqueous solubilities, and reduced dose dumping risk.

Talles ErnicaTalles Ernica, Global Pharma Technical Developer at Roquette

Talles was happy to deliver this presentation on Monday, October 17 

  • Presentation and Q/A session: Co-processed HPMC–mannitol: A directly compressible excipient for controlled release
  • Learning objectives
    Introduction to controlled release technology
    Understanding the key performance attributes of a directly compressible, controlled release excipient
    Understanding the benefits of co-processing HPMC and mannitol on product performance


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