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A speaking robot at the PAP-FOR 2016, XIV International Exhibition and Business Forum for pulp and paper industry, 25-28 October 2016 in Saint-Petersbourg, Russia

Have you ever dreamed of speaking to a robot like the ones we see in futuristic movies or TV documentaries? 

For the PAP-FOR 2016 visitors, it was no longer a dream! 

The 14th international edition of the exhibition PAP-FOR 2016 was held from 25 to 28 October in St. Petersburg, Russia. This yearly event is the ideal place for discovering innovative ideas and ultra-modern industry technologies.

Roquette participated in a very innovative way this year by joining this event with a speaking robot, who interacted with visitors and gave them first level information on Roquette solutions:

  • Wet-end application with high cationic starch,
  • Water treatment chemicals (NAICLEAR®),
  • Biopolymer VECTOR® for tissue paper,
  • Surface sizing products,
  • Coating with thermal modified starch to replace Latex,
  • Equipment: with jet cooker or enzymatic converter.

In case you missed this great exhibition, we would be delighted to share more information with you, so feel free to contact us!