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Roquette cosmectics

Roquette Beauté latest plant-based innovations for unique textures and enhanced performance.
Paris, France

One year after its successful launch, Roquette reinforces its expanded "Beauté by Roquette®" product offering for the Cosmetics market. 

These new high-performing and plant-based ingredients will be unveiled at the tradeshow:

  • A new starch texturizer, allowing unique textures such as high cushion effect and demonstrating excellent sensory attributes with silky offer feel.
  • A new pea starch, great film-forming agent that creates a flexible, smooth and lasting protection on both hair and skin.
  • A new plant-based polyol, showing scientifically proven effects on oral microbiota, inhibiting the development of microorganisms responsible of halitosis.
  • Two actives, co-developed with Sytheon*, offering moisturizing properties and skin barrier repair.

How to meet us and discover more?

  • Stop by our booth #A28 to discuss about our product offering and play with us!
  • Join us at the Formulation Lab #1 on Tuesday @ 11:30am to experience our fantastic new texturizer and make your own whipped cream!
  • Stop by the Sensory bar to feel our new plant-based formulations.
  • Listen to our expert during our Technical Seminar in theater #3 on Tuesday @ 5:15pm.
  • Walk around our two innovation boxes and learn more about incredible ingredients.

Sustainable beauty is all about skin health and skin nutrition.


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(*) Sytheon is a USA-based specialty ingredient company for the cosmetic industry. Roquette and Sytheon have been working together to develop a patented HydraSynol™ product line.