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Cidepex 2017

Outstanding plant-based solutions to provide the highest performance to your tissues! 
Nanjing, China
Booth 6E44
Nanjing International Expo Centre

Meet Roquette’s experts during this event to discuss about the solutions developed from renewable sources to bring strength and softness to your tissues!

VECTOR® IC is a new Bio-Polymer, strength enhancer for Tissue, allowing cost savings by adjusting the process differently in terms of refining and fibres, while providing high level of quality. FDA & BfR approved, VECTOR® IC enhances dry strength properties, contributes to wet strength and reduces dusting.

PLASTILYS® is a liquid product keeping moisture in tissue and bringing silk softness to users.

These solutions meet consumers expectations of strength and softness of their tissues but also fulfill your expectations regarding safety and sustainability of products and processes.

We will be pleased to welcome you. Come and join us at CIDPEX 2018 - booth 6E44!