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Roquette at DDF Summit 2018

Roquette will be presenting a technology spotlight in Biologics at the Drug Delivery & Formulation (DDF) Summit.
Berlin, Germany

Dr Sofiya Yashchuk, Global Technical Application Specialist for BioPharma Applications, will be hosting a presentation on Wednesday March 14, about “Exploration of anti-aggregation and protein stabilization properties of novel carbohydrates”.

In this study, Roquette has investigated the stabilizing e¬ffects of two ß-cyclodextrin derivatives (KLEPTOSE® HPB hydroxypropyl-ß-cyclodextrin with MS=0.65, and KLEPTOSE® HP hydroxypropyl-ß-cyclodextrin with MS=0.9), and the polyol Maltitol (a hydrogenated disaccharide), using high-throughput formulation screening (iFormulate™) and nanoDSF (Di-erential Scanning Fluorimetry).

Our study results indicate that all three carbohydrates can be effective aggregation modulators, offering a wide range of application possibilities to address process and formulation challenges.

About DDF Summit:
This summit provides drug delivery and specialty pharmaceuticals with a platform to present their technologies and get the latest insights on what the delivery and formulation needs are.

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