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Life-saving pharmaceuticals start with high-quality ingredients.              
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Roquette is a long-established supplier of raw materials, excipients and active ingredients, and a recognized solution provider for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

Confidence straight from the source. From injectable and dialysis solutions, to biopharma and oral dosage formulations, we hold ourselves to standards that are higher than they need to be – providing consistency and reliability across every ingredient.

Meet the Roquette team at CPhI China in Shanghai to learn more about our latest innovations!

Oral Dosage

No matter the form, we offer and create a high-quality solution that easily adapts to most manufacturing technologies and is specially prepared with your needs and vision in mind. The world’s leading supplier of mannitol and sorbitol, we use time-tested methods to guarantee reproducibility – ensuring every ingredient works exactly as it’s supposed to, every time.

Injectables & Dialysis

Putting patient safety first means securing the highest purity excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs.) That’s why we’ve long been committed to providing pyrogen-free products for injectables and dialysis, securing traceability, quality and compliance with our vertically integrated supply chain.


Developing new biopharmaceutical products is highly complex and ever changing; but you can always count on us for quality ingredients. With our sole custody of the supply chain, we offer multi-compendial grade materials for both upstream and downstream applications to help you bring biologics to life. Our new low endotoxin product offerings for cell culture and biologic drug formulations extend Roquette’s commitment to helping customers save and sustain patient’s lives. We currently offer three new brands under the names LYCADEX® BioPharma dextrose, PEARLITOL® BioPharma mannitol and NEOSORB® BioPharma sorbitol with a plan to continue adding to the portfolio.

TRUST – It’s the most essential ingredient


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