Roquette offers vegetable nutrient sources for efficient fermentation & innovative bio-technologies.                     

The Bio-Industry market is a complex world where production relies on the cultivation of living cells both for the production of biomass (yeast or probiotics as an example), or biomolecules of interest (enzymes, antibiotics, amino acids, etc.). Nutrition when dealing with microorganisms is a constant challenge due to the nature of biological processes.

This can result in significant variability and is a concern for each fermentation application. Roquette is providing solutions, technical know-how and scientific expertise, that helps to predict and optimize production yields. Our application laboratories provide support by comparing nitrogen content, growth factors and carbon sources required to produce a variety of components of interest.

From substrates to processing aids

We are offering a wide range of products to meet the needs of the Bio-Industry market.

Our proteins produced from corn SOLULYS®, pea protein NUTRALYS® and potato TUBERMINE® are vegetables based substrates for microorganisms as nitrogen and growth factor sources.

Our dextrose as well as our maltodextrins GLUCIDEX®, can act as specific carbon sources or processing aids (formulation, spray drying support). Our polyols such as NEOSORB® sorbitol, can be used as processing aids for enzyme stabilization for example.

Focus on enzymes

Enzymes are produced via fermentation  for a number of applications (food, feed, pharmaceuticals, and chemistry).

We are evaluating a number of possible solutions by comparing enzyme production in microorganisms over a wide variety of nutritional environments. Our ability to compare nitrogen, carbon, and growth factors to optimize growth and productivity is critical to our customers. Additionally, we are providing solutions to customers in relationship to upstream or downstream processing. For example, our experts can also develop customer solutions to aid in product stabilization, cryo-protection, or spray drying.


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