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Bio-industry and Plant care

Roquette offers vegetable nutrient sources for efficient fermentation and innovative biotechnologies.                     

Biological science is encountered everywhere: from probiotic to biofuel as well as laundry detergent. It is driven by the critical needs of developing alternatives to the petrol-based solutions as well as the necessity to better care about our environment.

We are addressing the biological needs in two markets particularly thanks to natural proteins and carbohydrates:

  • Industrial Fermentation driven by the production and the stabilization of active compounds like enzymes, probiotics, antibiotics, etc.
  • Plant Care consisting of better soil and plant management by providing organic nutrition, bioprotection and biostimulation of plants in their environment.

For the formulation of your molecules, we are providing a range of maltodextrins, modified starches and polyols supporting the drying and the stabilization during your downstream processing.

Our solutions for
  • Plant care

    Solutions for the development of new technologies for plant care.

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