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Powder solutions for creative sugar-free tableting

Excipient selection is critical to achieving tablet disintegration in the oral cavity a pleasant mouthfeel and the robustness needed to withstand processing and transportation.

Thanks to their inherent physico-chemical properties, our Directly Compressible (DC), XTAB polyols range offers a whole palette of different textures.
For instance, XYLISORB® XTAB xylitol offer crunchy tablets with good hardness and high cooling effect, while SweetPearl® DC maltitol’s tablets deliver a great sensation of crunchiness and perfectly matches with warm/fruit flavors tablets.
NEOSORB® XTAB sorbitol is the versatile solution for tableting. Offering hard to very hard and smooth tablets, an excellent stability in storage, it also enables high flavor load. Roquette’s Customer Technical Support can help with new tablet concepts and formulation that optimizes results. 

Discover our range of polyols for direct compression.

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