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Unlimited creative possibilities for chewing gums producers

The success of innovative sugar-free chewing gums very much depends on efficient sweetening solutions. As a world leader in polyols, Roquette offers a palette of solutions for successful sugar-free chewing gums. Increasingly directed towards the buccodental health sector, its research into the properties of polyols has helped bring about a boom in sugar-free chewing gums.

Today, sugarless chewing gum outperforms sugar lines, attaining more than a 90% penetration level in many countries. The development of successful sugar substitutes, including polyols, has made an overwhelming contribution to the expansion of the sugarless sector.

Consumers’ expectations from a sugar-free chewing gum:

The two key factors making coated chewing gum so desirable to the consumer are long-lasting crunchiness and sweetness.
But that’s not the whole story. The ability of the chewing gum to maintain its properties during, for instance, an average period of time in car is also a key advantage for consumers.
By definition, this means a chewing gum with a significant resistance to water absorption and with good stability.

How do polyols meet consumers’ expectations?

In short: taste, crunchiness, texture, stability and packaging, plus nutritional benefits. Each of these attributes has a proven polyol solution.

Roquette is world leader in polyols and continues to add value with a diversified range that is the widest in the market and that comes in both liquid and crystalline form. The crystalline are available in various particle sizes to suit a wide range of uses.

Roquette’s highly skilled chewing gum production technologists and their flexible pilot equipment are ready to support your optimization process (that is, with coating time reductions and crunchiness enhancement).

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