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Vegetable proteins are said to be of lower quality than animal proteins. What about NUTRALYS® pea protein?

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To evaluate protein quality, we first need to look at 2 main parameters: digestibility and the amino acid profile.

Vegetable products often have low digestibility because it is measured on whole vegetables containing anti-nutritional factors. 

The digestibility of NUTRALYS® pea protein is very high (98% measured on piglets and rats). NUTRALYS® pea protein is a highly purified ingredient with low anti-nutritional factors thanks to variety selection and process optimization. NUTRALYS® pea protein does not contain any level of complex sugars, which are known to be responsible for digestive discomfort.

Its digestibility is higher than the one whole pea. Therefore it can compete with animal protein on digestibility.

The digestion profile of NUTRALYS® pea protein has been revealed with in-vitro NIZO symphid model: NUTRALYS® S85F pea protein is an intermediate-fast protein, a unique digestion profile complementary to fast protein (such as whey protein), while Nutralys S85Plus is a fast protein.

Other questions - Nutritional and organoleptic aspects

Does NUTRALYS® pea protein have a good amino acid profile?

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What is the taste of NUTRALYS® pea protein compared to other pea protein on the market?

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What is the calorie value of NUTRALYS® pea protein?

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