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What is the taste of NUTRALYS® pea protein compared to other pea protein on the market?

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Roquette has developed its own patented process, leading to a specific product with its unique taste, which has been proved to be better than the one of other pea proteins available on the market. Most of saponine molecules are partly responsible for bitterness in pea.

Thanks to Roquette process improvement / optimization the “green” vegetal notes are reduced. This is the reason why Roquette is working to go beyond when it comes to taste.

Other questions - Nutritional and organoleptic aspects

Does NUTRALYS® pea protein have a good amino acid profile?

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Vegetable proteins are said to be of lower quality than animal proteins. What about NUTRALYS® pea protein?

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What is the calorie value of NUTRALYS® pea protein?

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