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Native and modified starches

Based on an unequalled range of raw materials – maize, waxy maize, amylo maize, wheat, potatos, tapioca and peas – Roquette's list of more than 300 native and modified starches is readily available throughout the world.

Not only has Roquette turned towards supplying the basic needs of mass or traditional applications for which bulk volumes are required, it has also developed and fine-tuned the specialty starches   demanded by more sophisticated end uses.

Pursuing a philosophy driven by sustainability and environmental objectives, Roquette’s starches are developed and manufactured using the best technology currently available.

You can choose and rely upon the one that best meets your expectations, and that allows you to targets the functional properties of your application.

In the food and feed sectors:

Good jellification, stability, spreadability, crispiness, smoothness and the appropriate viscosity, all of which and more are offered by Roquette’s CLEARAM®, PREGEFLO® and CLEARGUM® ranges.

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In pharmaceutical sector:

tabletting, versatility, binding, flowability and disintegrating powers that come with GLYCOLYS®, STARLAC® and LYCATAB®.

In the paper and other industrial sectors:

fluidity, solubility, ionicity, adhesivity, strength, gloss, whiteness, biodegradability, flocculation and absorption – all  obtainable through the HI-CAT®, TACKIDEX® and STABILYS® ranges.

With our widely respected R&D and its ongoing fundamental and applied research, Roquette can offer you the key ingredient to make your innovation project success.

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