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  • Liquid corn steep is a concentrated soluble protein for ruminant feed. It is a co-product of the maize starch industry and is also a pellet binder

  • Protein concentrate wheat gluten is a good milk substitute used in calf feeding. VITEN® wheat gluten is also used for its digestibility and palatability.
  • Protein supplement and protein replacement for fish feed & pet food (cat food, dog food).
  • Known as gluten or corn gluten meal, Glutalys® is obtained by physical separation during the refining of corn starch.

  • A high protein content rich in amino acids (arginine). Textured vegetable protein useful for wet pet food.
  • LYSAMINE® CWS soluble protein pea protein concentrate: formulation of milk replacer for young animals. Technological benefits for feed formulation.
  • High protein and amino acids content extract from potato juice. Protein sources for animal feed:piglet, calves, pet food.

  • A native natural wheat protein derived from wheat flour and obtained by a non-chemical wet extraction, most commonly used in pet food products and in aquafeed formulas.

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