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Roquette is a global leader in plant-based ingredients for food, animal nutrition, pharmaceutical and industrial products. Family-owned since 1933, Roquette started operations at the Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, pea protein plant in November 2020. 

What Roquette offers growers

  • Yellow Pea Contracts – conventional and organic peas
  • Access to a sustainable domestic market 
  • Bonded by the Canadian Grain Commission
  • Payment by EFT, 15 days after delivery
  • Peas are picked up in your yard

Conventional Contracts
Full production contracts  
Price and delivery options 
Peas grown under Identity Preserved System
Agronomy support 
Traceability required 

Organic Contracts
Full production contracts  
Fall delivery
Peas can be grown by themselves or intercropped 
Agronomy support 
Traceability required 

For more information, please review the Organic Field Pea Production Guide.

Yellow pea varieties

All yellow peas are eligible for contracting.

Growers Direct Newsletter and Agronomy Bulletins

Download the latest releases of the Newsletters and Agronomy Bulletins our team is happy to issue to connect with growers, sharing information to use as you Grow With Roquette.

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Find out why the people of Portage la Prairie
drew Roquette to the Canadian prairies


See a flyover of the plant

Contact us to learn more about growing with Roquette

Derek MacLean, Senior Grain Buyer: 204-391-7364

Molly Slezak, Grain Buyer: 204-290-9461

Bruce Brolley, Senior Agronomist: 431-588-8414 or 431-304-0146

Anastasia Kubinec, Agronomist: 204-295-8013

Jennifer McCombe-Theroux, Organic Agronomist: 204-290-5455


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