CLEARGUM® TA 90 - Dextrin

Manioc modified starch | Texture | Fat substitute
A manioc starch which add texture in nutrition products, also used as fat substitute and texturizer in clinical nutrition.


CLEARGUM® TA 90 is a manioc modified starch made soluble by controlled hydrolysis. It is used to add texture in various nutrition productsCLEARGUM® TA 90 is valued for its easy use.

Product description


  • Partially hydrogenated manioc starch
  • Slightly pink white powder


  • Food Chemical Codex
  • Spec. JECFA-FAO Food & Nutrition Paper 52/9

Registrations vary depending on local regulations.


  • Good solubility
  • Does not retrograde
  • Gives finished products a pleasant taste


  • Texturizer
  • Fat substitute 
  • Film-forming agent adding gloss


Specific nutrition products

  • Low-fat dairy desserts
  • Low-fat cooking products
  • Cereal cooking products


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