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PEARLITOL® Flash, Roquette’s orodispersible solution

PEARLITOL® Flash is a mannitol compound that allies robustness with rapid disintegration. It offers the consumer a uniquely pleasing taste experience and makes tablet formulation surprisingly simple.
Roquette's ODT platform
Roquette has been involved in the development of new excipients for the formulation of ODT for more than 10 years now, initially with directly compressible mannitol (PEARLITOL® SD grade). The specific physico-chemical properties of mannitol – a combination of good solubility and some surface hydrophobicity – make it the ideal excipient in association with a superdisintegrant for the formulation of tablets that are robust yet that disintegrate very rapidly.

PEARLITOL® Flash developed by Roquette is a compound of mannitol and starch only, specifically developed for its unique disintegrative properties: once tabletted, it melts instantaneously in the mouth, transforming itself into a creamy, slightly sweet texture.
Key Benefits
  • Pleasing taste
  • A fast melting in the mouth
  • An easy direct compression tabletting process
  • A robust direct compression excipient
  • A surprisingly simple formulation
  • The reliability of a pharma supplier

Regulatory status

Mannitol and extra white maize starch comply with Pharmacopoeias EP, USP-NF
EP, USP-NF mannitol monograph EP, USP-NF maize starch monograph

Ease of registration (marketing authorization)
DMF submitted to the FDA on April 2010

Two long-established ingredients that can be used for nutraceutics.


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