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Taste is also a matter of texture

What do you enjoy about the food you eat? While starch can seem common, it has the power to make your food more pleasurable to eat and can appeal to various senses through taste and texture.

Starch is important to the food industry to address consumer needs for sensory experiences and enjoyment of the food we all eat, and we at Roquette can deliver affordable, reliable texturizing solutions with both the desired texture and ease of use. When starch is cooked, its functionalities develop, mainly related to texture, and different processes create speciality starches. Their different characteristics can be used in a wide range of food from sauce thickeners to candy.

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As a global leader and supplier of native and specialty starches, Roquette is the only starch manufacturer to offer a range of modified starches and functional clean label starches produced from seven different raw materials: three types of maize (corn) together with wheat, potato, pea and tapioca. Our specialty starches can improve texture and consistency (viscosity), enhance the smoothness of mouthfeel, and maintain stability during shelf life – and achieve all of this cost-effectively for our food customers and end-users.

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