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Get the Best out of Your Day While Staying Easily Hydrated and Energized

Summer, the perfect time to enjoy outside with barbecues, swimming beach days, outdoor sports, and more. Of course, we need to have a drink that keeps us hydrated, but also energized if we want to perform properly and keep our rhythm while playing sports. It’s even more important in case we are walking under a scorching sun. Tropical flavors, like that of coconut water, match this time of year perfectly in a refreshing, invigorating beverage! 

Discover below how a delicious sports drink can provide energy and hydration.

When it comes to sports drinks, the consumer is looking for convenience, energy, and hydration.

For sports drinks, the most popular claim in new product launches (NPL) in the last three years is convenience consumption. It ranks first among the top ten claims in terms of penetration. A ready-to-drink beverage to take everywhere is key, giving you a solution that can make your life easier.

Another interesting claim is energy/alertness; it ranks third in penetration but also is the third with the highest growth (26.07% CAGR, NPL 2019-2021)1. Again, it is crucial if you want to have plenty of energy and maintain a good hydration level. And consumers know it: 56% globally say they use sports drinks as an everyday product to help them get through the day2

What are the key ingredients that meet the expectations of sports drink consumers? 

Maltodextrin is a blend of nutritious polysaccharides obtained from starch. Maltodextrins come in different levels of mono- and disaccharides (simple or dual units of sugar). They provide 100% glucose-based energy, the most efficient for muscles. 

GLUCIDEX® by Roquette is a large range of maltodextrins and dried glucose syrups of natural origin. At Roquette, our expertise can provide you with a wide range of products from which you will find the perfect ingredient depending on the particle size or physicochemical properties you need for your application. Product osmolarity can be perfectly adjusted to provide good hydration, increased energy and quick recovery in your formulation. 

GLUCIDEX® IT range, thanks to its physical structure, has free-flowing properties, better solubilization, and reduced formation of dust. This range has perfect options for beverages or liquid foods, either in prepared or powder form. 

GLUCIDEX® acts as a bulking agent that can develop an excellent mouthfeel for your product. And its neutral taste allows you to be fully creative when choosing the flavor of your product.

Are you a food formulator? 

We have an online platform specially created for you. Visit our Roquette Innovation Hub to get all the technical and scientific data on our plant-based ingredients, including innovative and tasty recipes with GLUCIDEX® maltodextrins and dried glucose syrups.

Testimony: how to formulate a sports drink that combines prime hydration, high energy, and convenience?

Quentin LaisneQuentin Laisne, Food Customer Technical Services Specialist at Roquette

“GLUCIDEX® IT maltodextrin is excellent if you want to formulate a ready-to-drink energizing drink,” says Quentin. “We propose you a coconut flavored isotonic water, in which we use two maltodextrins: GLUCIDEX® IT 19 and IT 6. They allow us to adjust perfectly the osmolarity on the drink to achieve a prime hydration drink with  a good subtle sweet taste.” He continues, “Our GLUCIDEX® range includes a good source of carbohydrates with excellent digestive tolerance. Thanks to the characteristics of GLUCIDEX®, we will help fuel those active lifestyles, enabling people to perform and recover efficiently.”

Download the concept “Coconut isotonic beverage refresh and energize”

Formulation key benefits

  • Smart carbs combination
  • Prime hydration
  • High energy
  • Tasty, with limited sweetness
  • Excellent digestive tolerance
  • 100% natural origin

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