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Objectives of the study

The primary objective was to evaluate the perception of the hedonic properties of apple compote containing pea protein NUTRALYS® pea XF (5.1%), hydrolyzed wheat gluten NUTRALYS® W (0.9%) and wheat soluble fiber NUTRIOSE® FB06 (6.3%) by elderly volunteers living in retirement homes, along with changes to this perception after repeated consumption.

The secondary objectives were to evaluate the quantity of apple compote consumed by elderly volunteers, their satisfaction regarding this consumption, the evolutions of their digestive comfort and of their fatigue following the intake of the apple compote for 3 weeks.


Nine out of 10 elderly volunteers enjoy the taste of the test apple compote and this taste adherence persists in 8 out of 10 elderly volunteers after three weeks of regular consumption. This regular consumption seems to induce neither any digestive discomfort nor fatigue in the elderly volunteers. The pea protein NUTRALYS® pea XF, hydrolyzed wheat gluten NUTRALYS® W and wheat soluble fiber NUTRIOSE® FB06 thus appear to constitute suitable protein and fiber supplementation solutions in the context of diets for institutionalized elderly persons.

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