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Roquette at FIC 2016

This year, the Roquette stand theme will be 'Co-Creation'. Offering new advances in ingredients, and backed by multi-disciplinary support built on 80 years of experience, Roquette is ready to 'Co-Create' with the food industry to come up with tomorrow's products.

The stand will be organised by food application field and each application space will offer a collaborative arena for creative encounters with Roquette’s development teams. Nutritional, texturizing or technological ingredients; application, analytical, nutritional or regulatory support; cost reduction: most aspect of food product development can be dealt with or even tested out. How? Co-Create

Roquette will present a selection of solutions for many food application sectors.

Optimum functionalities in batters & coatings

Roquette has a global reputation in the food industry for its healthy food preparation ingredients.  Today, those ingredients are also becoming available for fried food coatings. Creating additional value, the new synergies between Roquette STARCHES and DEXTRINS allow food companies to offer the consumer fried foods that are less likely to undermine health. The two key, linked challenges for coatings are to maximise crispiness – an all-important attribute for the consumer – while still achieving nutritional balance.

Original textures for better-for-you salty snacks

Visitors in the Baking space will discover some starch solutions to make colourful coated nuts with cracked colour effects that offer new textures sensations. From crunchy to crispy biscuit coating, multi-layer texyire, cracked colour effects, salty and spicy to sweet, with the range of PREGEFLO® starches; textures and patterns galore

High-performing solutions for processed cheese

To demonstrate cost optimisation solutions, the limelight in the dairy product space will shine on one of the starches in the CLEARGUM® range to highlight texture and cost reduction in pizza cheese. Produced from various botanical sources (maize, pea and potato), CLEARGUM® starches offer a complete range of functionalities to accompany the desired type of cheese texture.

Powder solutions for creative sugar-free tableting

Visitors in the confectionery space will discover multiple sugar-free-tabletA versatile solution:  the range of NEOSORB® sorbitol for very hard and smooth tablets or for high flavour load, very hard and smooth. SweetPearl® maltitol fully fits fruit and warm flavours whereas XYLISORB® xylitol enables crunchy tablets with good hardness and high cooling effect.

DHA/ARA for infant milk

In the Specialized Nutrition space visitors will get familiar with “DHA/ARA by Roquette”. Used in Infant milk “DHA/ARA by Roquette” is a highly pure ingredient. It is the result of Roquette’s expertise and strong commitment in research and innovation.

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