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At this year's IFIA, Roquette is presenting a complete range of innovative ingredient solutions to meet the needs of today's ambitious confectionery, savoury, bakery and culinary nutrition producers.

ifia japan 2016

Gelatin-free chewies

Create innovative gelatin-free chewies 
MATGUM PAM is a plant-based solution with excellent gellification properties. Adapting to any process, MATGUM PAM 20, for instance, provides consumers with a new sensory experience. It also makes it possible for the first time to produce a gelatin-free chewy sweet with a chewiness that lasts.

Improve crispiness, maintain nutrition with new clear coatings from pea ingredients
CLEARAM® LI4000 pea-derived starch and TACKIDEX® C760 pea dextrin together offer new synergies for optimum functionalities in batters and coatings. The combination makes it possible to produce crispy fried foods that are less likely to undermine health. The two linked challenges for coatings are to maximise crispiness – all-important to the consumer – while still achieving nutritional balance.

Move forward with a new and exclusive premium alternative to meat
Roquette’s NUTRALYS® T70S  is an unrivalled premium alternative to meat. Clean-labelled, its water retention is unequalled; its protein content high and allergen-free; its taste truly outstanding and combined with uniquely satisfying firmness and meat-like textures. NUTRALYS® T70S is a new key to meat analogues from a trusted yellow pea source – ideal for meat substitute producers looking for new high-end alternatives to current propositions.

Maximise protein enrichment the premium way
NUTRALYS® BF is a plant protein extracted from the yellow pea. With low sodium content, viscosity and  solubility, it is specifically designed for protein-enriched baked goods such as bread, biscuits, cereals and bars.

Feel fuller for longer thanks to plant proteins and soluble fibre
NUTRALYS® plant proteins and NUTRIOSE® FM soluble fibre offer multiple benefits in meal replacement bars. High in both protein and fibre, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans, the bar offers excellent digestive tolerance and an optimised sensory profile.