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Innovate sustainably

In the global development of plant-based chemistry, Roquette offers the industrial markets innovative and sustainable monomers to create solutions for safer and more sustainable polymers.

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Logo POLYSORB®, the high purity isosorbide - Logo BIOSUCCINIUM® sustainable succinic acid

High performing, innovative and sustainable plant-based solutions for industrial applications.

Polyester, polyester-copolymers, polyester polyol
Polycarbonate, polyester-polycarbonate-copolymers, polycarbonate-polyols
Epoxy, epoxy resins
Acrylates, acrylic resins
Plasticizer, additives


Bio-based, sustainable, renewable
Safe, non-toxic, low VOC
Non-endocrine disruptor
BPA replacement For bio-based recyclable, biodegradable, compostable plastics

Tg values, thermal behavior 
UV resistance, optical properties 
Mechanical, chemical properties 
Adhesion, hardness