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Scientific poster: Bringing new functionnalities to polyesters and polycarbonates with POLYSORB®

  • A sustainable and non-toxic functional molecule
  • REACH approved
  • Different grades adapted to all applications including pharmaceuticals and polymers
  • World largest production capacity 20kt/y.


Isosorbide or 1,4-3,6 dianhydrohexitol, derivated from starch and more precisely from sorbitol, is one of the chemical intermediates of interest in the field of thermoplastic materials and for curable resins application.


The incorporation of isosorbide in polyesters increases the glass transition temperature, opening to this new polymer several usual applications of amorphous polymers such the replacement of BPA based PC for food contact applications.

In polycarbonate, isosorbide is much more than just a solution for Bisphenol A replacement. Hence, Isosorbide containing polycarbonates present significantly increased properties like mechanical strength, heat resistance and optical properties with resulting properties between usual Polycarbonate and PMMA.