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ROQUETTE provides a sustainable plasticizer, POLYSORB® ID46 which is a bio-based isosorbide diester, a safe alternative to phthalates. 

This product is registered in REACH regulation. Risk assessment was obtained by conducting a wide range of biodegradability and toxicological protocols. Overall, these studies demonstrated that this new solution is nontoxic to mammalian life and is readily biodegradable. 

Discover our scientific articles published recently in the Journal of Toxicology.

Toxicology and Biodegradability of a Phthalate-Free and Bio-Based Novel Plasticizer, focusing on toxicity and the biomarkers monitored: read article here.
The toxicology studies given were started before 2009 with POLYSORB® ID 37 which is currently on the market under the name of POLYSORB® ID46.

Comparison of In Vitro Endocrine Activity of Phthalates and Alternative Plasticizers, focusing on the endocrine disruptors aspects, which is very closely followed by the authorities in the context of plasticizers. Read article here.

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