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A sustainable, safe, high performance, plant-based feedstock for coatings.


Better resistance to UV, to abrasion, to scratching and impact. Better adhesion and improved properties for water-based formulation. The demands on today’s coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers (CASE) create a long list of desirable properties for a ‘would be’ feedstock.

Step forward isosorbide. Perfectly safe and produced from an annually renewable feedstock isosorbide has a unique combination of properties that offers excellent potential for a range of CASE applications.


Isosorbide is a plant-based, sustainable monomer with a low carbon footprint and significant potential for a wide range of applications. Substituting isosorbide for existing petrochemical ingredients not only lightens the environmental impact of industrial polymers, it also drives up performance.

New types of aerosol packaging, touch screens with enhanced clarity and scratch resistance, better adhesives with improved UV and impact resistance. These are just some of the products that isosorbide is already beginning to deliver as polymer chemists and formulators learn exactly what it can do. 

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