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It was the occasion for Roquette's Performance Materials team to present applications of new polymeric materials...
Presenting applications of new polymeric materials...

On April 25 to 28, ChinaPlas 2016 was held in Shanghai - China. This exhibition, the Asia’s n°1 and world’s n°2 international Plastics and Rubber trade fair, was the opportunity for our customers, to meet on the same place, people from sales, marketing and technical support.

It was the occasion for Roquette’s Performance Materials team to present applications of new polymeric materials developed by our customers based on outstanding properties of POLYSORB® isosorbide, a cyclic, non-aromatic building block for which Roquette is world leader thanks to its unique patented process based on sorbitol.

POLYSORB® isosorbide is used in performance materials as a co-monomer where it enables to reach higher performances than traditional monomers, especially in terms of temperature resistance, UV resistance and scratch resistance.

Plastics containing isosorbide are used notably in automotive as PC/ABS replacement and in food packaging as temperature resistant containers.

They can also be used in smartphones to replace glass.  

Roquette attended ChinaPlas exhibition in Shanghai

Chinaplas 2016 Roquette team (from left): Dr Yong Miao, biopolymer chemist, Bob Tan, Senior Business Development Specialist, China,  Sam Wang, Sales Manager, Chief Representative of Taiwan Rep. Office, Ann Kim, Account manager South  Korea, Pascal Leroy, Head of GBU Industry, Henri Kwon, Head of Sales GBU Industry Asia, Kok Wee Yong, Sales manager South East Asia, Norikazu Uchida, Sales manager Performance Materials Asia, Dr Nicolas Jacquel, R&D engineer, Florianne Coutant, Global Market Manager Performance Materials

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