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Roquette Lithuania Laboratory Grand Opening

Company to strengthen its position in Northern Europe.

Panevėžys, 16 May 2019 - Roquette, a global leader in plant-based ingredients for Food, Nutrition and Health markets, guided by its drive for innovation and its long-term vision, opens new Research & Development Laboratory premises in Panevezys, Lithuania, strengthening its position in Northern Europe to better address industrial, nutrition and health challenges.

Three times as big as the previous premises, the new state-of-the-art facilities will guarantee highest-quality goods and services for our clients, along with improved productivity, sustainability and working conditions for our employees, thus creating a safe and ethical working environment.

Jean-Marc Gilson, CEO of Roquette said: “The expansion of our R&D capabilities in Lithuania is a new step to better serve our customers locally, through a team of experts who will develop solutions that respond to their specific demands. This move reinforces the company’s presence in the region, enables closer partnerships with our business partners and universities, and creates opportunities for new innovations tailored to the needs of Food, Nutrition and Health markets.”

Our new labs in Panevezys will provide benefits for Customers, Academia, the Local Economy and Society and Consumers at large.

“The work of our Lithuanian team is now mostly dedicated to valorization of all fractions of various crops, using the latest techniques for plant-based protein research. These developments are key to foster innovation for Roquette and its customers confirming the Group’s global leadership in the specialty vegetable protein market”, says Thierry Marcel, the Head of R&D Global.

Every year Roquette dedicates very significant resources to Research & Development activities. Close to 300 scientists, researchers and technicians work today across five R&D centers in Lestrem, France; Geneva, IL (USA), Singapore, Shanghai and also Panevezys (Lithuania). Panevezys is the new R&D hub facility in Northern Europe. 



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