How to Address Safe and Complete Infant Milk Formulas to Feed Our Babies
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How to Address Safe and Complete Infant Milk Formulas to Feed Our Babies

For parents, it is mandatory to keep their babies nurtured and hydrated by feeding them with high digestive tolerance food to ensure maximum gut-comfort, along with being sure that this food is made under the best hygienic and manufacturing practices. Discover the benefits of GLUCIDEX® Premium, a complete range of maltodextrin and dried glucose syrups, as a high quality and safe ingredient for baby food formulation.

Why Should We Consider Formulating Such Products?  

Consumers' perception and expectations   

COVID pandemic increased the concern about safety   

The recent health crisis has boosted sales of premium and organic products. 
For new parents who need to have peace of mind knowing they are getting highly reliable, organic (if required) and safe food for their babies, Roquette also provides organic maltodextrins. Thanks to our GLUCIDEX® Premium range of carbohydrates,  babies can benefit from:

  • Unquestionable safety
  • Excellent digestive tolerance
  • Efficient hydration 

Many customers are already trusting GLUCIDEX® Premium for infant dry mix formula, and now GLUCIDEX® Premium is available in Organic range. 


Why GLUCIDEX® Maltodextrin? 

With Roquette’s more than 10 years of experience with maltodextrin and dried glucose syrups, customers can be sure of our top-class manufacturing facilities, as well as the best hygiene and manufacturing practices. 

Now the GLUCIDEX® Premium Organic maltodextrin range offers safe and high tolerance energy for the healthy growth of our babies: 

GLUCIDEX® Premium is 100% glucose-based energy 

o It brings energy for the muscles: During effort, glucose is taken up from the bloodstream by muscular cells to be turned into energy thanks to the Krebs cycle. After effort, glucose is turned into glycogen to replenish muscles’ energy stores.

o It also brings energy for the brain: Glucose provides energy to the neurons. It’s the only energy substrate that is used by the central nervous system. 
Fructose also provides energy, but it has been shown to elevate blood triglycerides and LDL (“bad cholesterol”) after a meal. This effect is higher than what is observed with glucose.1
Partial replacement of lactose with maltodextrins led to improvement of crying and digestive discomfort in infants

Lactose may not be completely digested in the small intestine by young babies and may lead to fermentation in gut and generate gas and discomfort, which may be linked to colic and crying. 

o Clinical evaluation showed a significant improvement when the lactose is partially replaced by maltodextrins. 
o The level of hydrogen in babies’ breath was decreased by 70% following the intervention (p<0.01). Consequently, discomfort and crying were significantly decreased. 
o GLUCIDEX® Premium range is also suitable for comfort formulas without lactose. 
A full range of DE to allow fine-tuning of product osmolarity: ensures good hydration 

Osmolarity influences hydration: For optimum hydration, the drink osmolarity needs to be close to the body osmolarity (280-320 mOsm/kg). It has to be ≤ 300 mOsm/kg to be hypo or isotonic, corresponding to hydration. Above 300 mOsm/kg, it can cause body dehydration and diarrhea. 
o Glucose as hydration booster: in the intestine, water is absorbed together with glucose and sodium. As GLUCIDEX® maltodextrins are made of 100% glucose, they help stimulate hydration. 
On top of these outstanding properties, the GLUCIDEX® Premium Organic range is organic certified from ECOCERT, available for EU and USA. 
The demand of organics is at its highest level as consumers are putting premium and clean labels before price across several food and beverage categories. To answer this market demand, Roquette offers to baby food formulators a range of organic ingredients that can reassure consumers in terms of safety and quality of the main ingredients used in the finish product.


Healthiness, safety and simple reliable formulas are in high demand for consumers nowadays. It is even more critical when it comes to development of baby food options. Parents wish to provide the best for their children and want to be sure they are choosing top quality and safe products that offer the best of nutrition, hydration and digestive comfort. 
Here's where Roquette has the answer. GLUCIDEX® Premium maltodextrin and GLUCIDEX® Premium Organic maltodextrin range provide a solution to all these questions, both manufactured under the best hygiene and manufacturing practices, in the most careful way. GLUCIDEX® Premium maltodextrin offers babies a source of energy, containing glucose for their muscles and brain, with excellent digestive tolerance that reduces discomfort and crying.  


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