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Total sugar replacement with SweetPearl®: the way to premium taste, sweetness and texture

SweetPearl® maltitol powder is a bulk sweetener with the properties to deliver a premium taste. It is the only solution able to match almost perfectly the taste and texture of sucrose in baked goods enabling to target a very wide range of nutritional claims from “reduced in sugars” to “non-added sugars”, sugars free or more specific claims linked to the low Glycaemic response of SweetPearl® maltitol powder.

Taste (sweetness)

SweetPearl® maltitol powder makes it possible to associate attractive claims like those above with premium quality products. Compare the organoleptic properties of sucrose, the traditional sweetener, with those of maltitol. Sensorial analysis of sucrose and SweetPearl® shows them to be very similar.  Since SweetPearl® maltitol’s properties are bake-stable, this means the taste of a finished baked product or of its fillings that incorporate SweetPearl® must also be similar. But sucrose in a biscuit (or in baked goods more generally) is not only about taste. As a crystallisable bulking agent its impact on texture is also highly significant.


Compare the physicochemical properties of SweetPearl® and sucrose: both are crystallisable di-saccharides and both have very similar properties. This means that their behaviour during the processing to finished product will also be very similar (recrystallization, viscosity, dissolution, etc.). This in turn results in an almost identical texture. For the purposes of European labelling, SweetPearl® can be identified as either a sweetener or a bulking agent. At the same time its wheat or maize source can also be usefully identified.


At 2.4 in the EU and 2.1 in the US, SweetPearl®’s calorie value is 40% less than that of sucrose.
This substantially lower calorie count, combined with a lower glycaemic index (29 v 60 for sucrose),  confirms the nutritional attraction of using SweetPearl® maltitol to reduce sugar content. For the consumer, the attraction of SweetPearl® is that it delivers the taste without the sugars. SweetPearl® offers total substitution of sugar in baked goods. 

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