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NUTRIOSE® 06 Soluble Fibers

NUTRIOSE® 06  is a sugar-free, soluble dietary fiber which can be obtained either from corn,  or wheat or pea. Their low viscosity, high solubility and outstanding tolerance make them simple to use and easy to supplement most types of food in fiber.  They also show health benefits demonstrated by clinical studies. They are 85% fiber and have a low caloric value. Moreover, their sugar content is less than 0.5% which make them easy to use in any kind of sugar-free food.
Clinically-proven nutritional benefits of NUTRIOSE®  include the following:
• Low caloric value
• Low glycemic index
• Low insulinemic index
• Prebiotic effects
• Calorie reduction

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NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber
NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber

Key benefits

85% average fiber content on dry substance, Sugar-free
Clinically-proven health and nutritional benefits
Outstanding digestive tolerance (upto 45g/day)
Label-friendly: Soluble Fiber/Resistant Dextrin*
Gluten-free, Halal and Kosher Certified
Best suited for (not limited to): Health Benefits, Fiber Enrichment, Sugar Reduction
Available in both powder and liquid forms

*Subjected to region/country’s local laws and regulations

 Functional properties White powder with neutral taste, with high solubility
Excellent Process stability – No loss of fiber content
Ability for compression, Binder for granulation
 Nutritional properties

Sugar-free, Low caloric value, Low-FODMAP Certified

 Health benefits Gut health (prebiotic effect)
Satiety and weight management
Sustained energy release
Blood glucose management (low glycemic and insulinemic response, glucose control)


 (suggested but not limited to)

Bakery & Snacks, BeveragesConfectionery, Dairy and Plant-based,
Specialized nutrition (Maternal & Sports nutrition,  Weight management,
Senior &
Clinical nutrition, Nutraceutical & Functional food

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NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber
NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber

NUTRIOSE® 06 Range

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 Botanic source: non-GMO Wheat


 Sugar-free fiber
 Clinically proven health benefits
 Non-GMO Project verified
 Low-FODMAP Certified  

 Botanic source: non-GMO Corn 

 Botanic source: non-GMO Wheat
 Production efficiencies,
 ready-to-use liquid fiber
 Botanic source: non-GMO Corn
 Botanic source: non-GMO Corn
 Specifically designed for clear beverages
 Hydrogenated resistant dextrin
 *Available in selected regions only
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