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Probiotic supplements is a fast growing dietary supplement category, especially in the United States. Historically promoted for their digestive health benefits, probiotics are increasingly being researched and marketed for clinical benefits associated with the gut microbiome. Probiotic supplements are mainly formulated as powders in hard shell capsules. However, other dosage forms such as sachets, stick packs and even tablets, including chewables, are being launched. Dosage forms, especially tablets, require formulation strategies to protect the probiotics during the dosage manufacturing process and thereafter to prolong the shelf-life of the consumer product, ideally preserving stability to achieve a two year shelf life.

Our excipients address the key factors needed for dosage form stability of probiotic supplements:

  • Inert excipients that won’t react with the probiotics
  • Low moisture that won’t encourage microorganism growth and promote instability
  • Powder flow, especially for direct compression tableting and incorporation in powder fills for capsules and sachets
  • Excellent compressibility and cushioning of probiotic granules, alleviating the heat generated from using high compression force to form tablets.

Discover the specifications of our excipients recommended for probiotics supplements:

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