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NUTRIOSE®, the outstanding soluble fiber of natural origin

NUTRIOSE®, a plant-based fiber derived from wheat, maize or pea, with a neutral taste to preserve the original taste of your products and an outstanding digestive tolerance clinically proven.

Today's sophisticated consumers seek optimum nutrition in their food - without having to sacrifice taste and convenience. An invisible, safe, stable, prebiotic, and soluble fiber, NUTRIOSE® meets this global demand. It is simple to use, whether to supplement nutrition in existing formulations or to replace sugars and fats. Suitable for both food and beverage applications, it's a key to innovation and can be used in virtually any process.

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FDA annoucement:
NUTRIOSE® is a dietary fiber.

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Health benefits
Maintaining healthy blood glucose levels, taking care of your gut microbiota... and much more!
Nutritional benefits
Adding fiber, reducing sugar, or cutting calories has never been so easy!
Functional benefits
An outstanding soluble fiber with a number of functional benefits!

NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber offers:

Clinically proven health benefits and nutritional assets

  • Gut health as a prebiotic, through growth of specific gut microbiota for a diversified gut.
  • Weight management through calorie reduction.
  • Sustained energy release…through slow and prolonged fermentation in the colon
  • Blood glucose management through sugar reduction – partial or total substitution – which reduces metabolism fatigue.
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free; Kosher and Halal-certified.

Flexibility across multiple applications and functions

  • No impact on product sensory profile – offers a neutral taste with no sweetness.
  • Transparent in solution.
  • Good solubility—dissolves quickly even at low temperature.
  • Does not add viscosity.
  • Long shelf life and process stability – no fiber loss, remains stable and at a low pH during heat treatment.

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