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Roquette NUTRALYS® plant-based proteins: Trusted, Competitive, Unique!

Take advantage of premium protein ingredients with NUTRALYS® plant-based proteins.

Roquette is a leader in plant-based proteins, which are built on a product differentiation strategy that suits both your development needs and consumers’ preoccupations.

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NUTRALYS® pea protein
A unique solution for standard and specific nutritional needs.
NUTRALYS® wheat protein
An affordable and efficient protein source for protein fortification in cereal-based goods.

NUTRALYS® proteins are a comprehensive range of plant-based proteins offering trusted, competitive and unique solutions for:

  • Ingredient of the month - Nutrafiles - March 2010
  • Global pea protein Product Differentiation Excellence award - Best practices awards 2010 
  • Intermediate Food Products Award - Nomination at CFIA (Agribusiness Suppliers Forum) Innovation Awards 2011
  • Best new health food or health food and beverage ingredient- Gulfood Awards 2011
  • NutraIngredients award - Ingredient of the Year ––Sports & Energy category - Vitafoods Europe - May 2016 (NUTRALYS® S85Plus)
  • Most Novel ingredient of the year - Sports & Performance Nutrition 2016 - Bridge2Food (NUTRALYS® S85Plus)
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