Are there different grades of NUTRALYS® pea protein with specific functionalities?

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NUTRALYS® pea protein F range

NUTRALYS® pea protein F85F – F85M – F85G are functional grades for food applications. They differ in their particle size and density, visual appearance. Their emulsifying properties make it possible to produce strong, stable emulsions, up to 1:9:9 ratio (NUTRALYS® pea protein/water/oil). For example, in fish and meat products: improved yield; juiciness; good aspect and texture are key benefits of NUTRALYS® pea protein incorporation. NUTRALYS® pea protein F85G is suitable for extrusion process for snacks and texturized protein manufacturing (crisps). 

NUTRALYS® pea protein S range

NUTRALYS® pea protein S85F has good solubility, suitable for dairy and dairy-free applications. As an example, in dairy-free products, it is suitable for ready-to-drink milk-like beverages with a protein content up to 3%. NUTRALYS® pea protein S85 Plus is the most soluble for health applications with a protein content above 3%. It exhibits excellent water dispersion properties grade at a large range of pH, a low viscosity and an optimized green taste. It is ideal for producing dry-mix protein shakes, protein RTD and protein bars. 


NUTRALYS® pea XF has a fine particle size and has been designed for special diet applications such as sports nutrition, weight management and senior nutrition.
This product delivers good powder dispersibility in cold water and makes smooth texture to finished products. It reduces the grittiness in products such as powder drinks, soups and shakes, ready-to-drink beverages and protein bars. 


NUTRALYS® BF is a patented protein which allows higher protein incorporation rate as well as enhanced texture in various protein-enriched baked goods. In high protein bread, this product delivers excellent bread quality, with good volume and crumb softness, with an optimized taste (green notes limited vs. current pea protein products). In high protein bars, this product delivers a soft texture in combination with soluble proteins such as Nutralys S85 Plus, Nutralys S85 XF or hydrolyzed wheat protein, with an optimized taste (green notes limited vs. current pea protein products).


Launched at FIE 2011 in Paris, NUTRALYS® T65M is a textured pea protein obtained by cooking extrusion. It is used as a meat extender and in meat-free formulations thanks to its excellent taste and appropriate texture.

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