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Superdisintegrants GLYCOLYS® and EXPLOSOL®

Reliable superdisintegrant efficiency comes with Roquette’s long-standing experience in the field.

GLYCOLYS® has been developed and produced exclusively by Roquette for more than 30 years. The experience gained by Roquette with its GLYCOLYS® range of sodium starch glycolates has made the company a supplier of choice when help is needed to develop formulations. 

Roquette offers a complete range of sodium starch glycolate products designed for your specific formulation needs:

  • GLYCOLYS® LV, for high-shear granulation addition in intra granular phase.
  • GLYCOLYS® Low pH, for acidic drugs.
  • GLYCOLYS® is a multipurpose superdisintegrant, for all other requirements.
  • EXPLOSOL® for low residual solvent requirement.

An optimized production process for ideal disintegration properties

To maximize the surface exposed to water, potato starch is the preferred raw material for GLYCOLYS® and EXPLOSOL, as its granules are relatively large. To avoid viscosity development during disintegration process which would delay drug dissolution, cross-linking is performed on the potato starch. For maximum speed of disintegration, starch’s ability to swell is significantly increased by rendering it more hydrophilic through carboxymethylation. For a maximum purity in the GLYCOLYS® products, neutralization and washing is performed.

GLYCOLYS® and EXPLOSOL® are references multipurpose superdisintegrants, well-known and widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.


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