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Following the announcement from the FDA, food producers can continue to describe NUTRIOSE® as a fiber in the nutritional information of their products.

Geneva, IL, June 21, 2018 – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently published an updated list of isolated and synthetic non-digestible carbohydrates that have a beneficial physiological effect to human health and, thus, can be considered dietary fiber.  “Resistant maltodextrin/dextrin”, which includes Roquette’s NUTRIOSE® soluble fibers, derived from either corn or wheat, are now recognized by the FDA as dietary fiber.

Food producers can continue to describe NUTRIOSE® as fiber in the nutritional information of their products and the level of fiber can be used as a basis to support the fiber nutrient content claims. 

Concerning the labelling of NUTRIOSE®, the common or usual names recognized by the FDA for the “resistant maltodextrin/dextrin” listing include “soluble corn fiber” and “soluble wheat fiber.”  Thus, these continue to be appropriate descriptors (or common or usual names) for NUTRIOSE®.

A versatile ingredient, NUTRIOSE® offers a host of nutritional assets for the formulators of food products. A soluble fiber with a neutral taste, NUTRIOSE® is obtained from non-GMO cereals (wheat and maize) and has a food ingredient status. From fiber enrichment to sugar reduction, it can readily be used in a wide range of foodstuffs to improve their nutritional profile. Furthermore, it has the particularity of having very good digestive tolerance.

Early in 2017, Roquette submitted comments on the FDA’s scientific review and cooperated with the FDA during the decision-making process. “Roquette has always adopted a proactive approach to the demonstration and promotion of our product’s health benefits”, said Sergio Machado, Roquette Head of R&D for the Americas. 

With this FDA definition, the U.S. joins other regions in acknowledging Resistant dextrins’ health benefits as a fiber: 

  • In Europe, the European Commission has authorized the food industry to promote NUTRIOSE®’s health benefits for oral health and glycemic response. 
  • In Canada, NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber recently obtained the status of “dietary fiber”.
  • In Korea, the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) has issued a favorable scientific opinion on the claim related to NUTRIOSE® prebiotic properties.

In addition to NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber, Roquette’s PEA FIBER I50M is also recognized as Fiber under the category of “mixed plant cell wall fibers”. Produced from yellow peas, the ingredient is rich in insoluble fiber and can also be used as a clean-label texturizer.  Its water retention, gelling and emulsifying capabilities make it a perfect ingredient to improve yield and texture of processed meat. Roquette’s PEA FIBER I50M also provides some interesting functionalities in baked goods while preserving taste and texture.

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