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Roquette University Pet Food

Discover how Roquette experts shared their latest insights about texturising solutions in Pet Food and much more!

Market trends, application workshops, learning sessions, and much more!

Relive the Roquette University Pet food by watching the video.


Top market trends in Pet Food presented by Manon Dupré, from Mintel.

“It was a good occasion to learn new things, but also to benefit from a high-quality wrap-up about the latest market trends”, commented an attendee.

Dupré insisted on some key words which definitely drive the market: natural, clean label and premium. A challenge that Roquette is determined to face, today with its large range of products, and tomorrow with innovative solutions to come.

Featuring content and experience through learning sessions and application workshops.

Learning sessions were the ideal place to deliver theoretical data. It was also the opportunity for the attendees to discover the benefits of plant-based proteins, starches, polyols, and fibres and to share the specific features of Roquette products.

To ease exchanges between attendees and Roquette’s CTS experts (Customer Technical Service), small groups were established. Multiple technical topics were covered in interactive workshops: innovative solutions were displayed and supported by samples and demonstrations. More details at the end of the article.

Last but not least, one of the workshops was an opportunity for the attendees to discover analytical capabilities for supporting them in their development projects.

Some attendees’ quotes

Roquette University Pet Food Workshop

« It was very interesting to see, to touch, to experiment, to ask all the questions that came to my mind. That was a fruitful experience”.

“These workshops were a very good opportunity to share with Roquette experts, but also with people from other companies, and exchange on the problems we are facing when making new developments”.

Networking moments

The Lunch break
It was an opportunity for attendees and Roquette teams to share thoughts, ideas, projects, etc… around texturising solutions for pet food, and food!

Surrounding Posters
Plant-based protein texturisers, starches for pet food, attractive treats for pet, texturizing solutions, and nutritional and technological ingredients for Pet Food.

Roquette university Pet Food lunch


Roquette University Pet Food in a nutshell: Collaboration, Expertise, Sharing, and Networking!

Attendees and Roquette teams shared the feeling that meeting each other is essential, and this event was an opportunity of choice.


A focus on application workshops animated by Roquette’s CTS (Customer Technical Center) team

Wet Pet Food

Dog pâté

Making cost reduction thanks to partial replacement of plasma by internal pea fibre I50M.
Achieving clean label texturizing solutions with Pea Fibre I50M in combination with carrageenans.

Adapting the texture of your pet food by using the right modified starch.

Achieving a good “mousse” with the foaming functionality of our emulsifying starches CLEARGUM® CO 01/03 (OSA).

Dry Pet Food

Gluten-free kibbles
Making cost reduction by replacing potato flakes with a combination of potato fibre, potato starch and potato protein.


Jerky treat
Achieving your texture requirements: study of the effect of pea protein and polyols in jerky product type.

Gluten-free biscuit
Discovering the benefits of native potato starch and PREGEGLO® P100 (pre-cooked potato starch).

Dental treats
Obtaining the right texture with native starches in combination with polyols.